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Gardien CEO: Jason Fraser talks to modern Test & Measure magazineInterview-pdf2016-07-121.02 MB
Gardien Anti-Corruption & Bribery PolicyFAQ - pdf2019-05-21148.65 KB
Gardien Whistleblower PolicyFAQ - pdf2019-05-2297.1 KB
Gardien USA Company OverviewInfo - pdf2018-05-24207.51 KB
Gardien Canada Company OverviewInfo - pdf2016-07-12306.82 KB
Gardien Japan Company OverviewInfo - pdf2016-07-12349.64 KB
Gardien Japan Company Overview AppendixInfo - pdf2016-07-12208.72 KB
Gardien Singapore Company OverviewInfo - pdf2016-07-12268.59 KB
Gardien China Company OverviewInfo - pdf2016-07-12418.35 KB
Gardien Germany Company OverviewInfo - pdf2016-07-12346.22 KB
Gardien Taiwan Company OverviewInfo -pdf2016-07-12463.39 KB
Gardien Fixtures ECO 5 & HBDProduct Flyer - pdf2019-10-03387.46 KB
Gardien Millennium FixtureProduct Flyer - pdf2019-10-03451.54 KB
Gardien Oversized Modular FixturesProduct Flyer - pdf2019-10-03277.87 KB
Gardien Hipot & FunctionalProduct Flyer - pdf2019-10-03429.45 KB
Flying Probe G45Product Flyer - pdf2020-07-30415.71 KB
Flying Probe G50Product Flyer - pdf2020-07-20446.9 KB
Flying Probe G75Product Flyer - pdf2020-07-30416.46 KB
Flying Probe G80Product Flyer - pdf2020-04-08426.96 KB
Flying Probe G90 & G90LProduct Flyer - pdf2020-05-26572.81 KB
Auto Flying Probe G90 & G90LProduct Flyer - pdf2021-11-16553 KB
Flying Probe G90XL & G90XXLProduct Flyer - pdf2020-03-26451.37 KB
Flying Probe Accelerator AC8Product Flyer - pdf2020-02-12173.4 KB
Gardien Universal TestersProduct Flyer - pdf2020-02-12241.6 KB
4 Wire Kelvin UpgradeProduct Flyer - pdf2019-08-2159.34 KB
AVI Leopard SeriesProduct flyer - pdf2020-01-24133.82 KB
AVI Mini SeriesProduct Flyer - pdf2020-08-19512.76 KB
AVI Mini AS G 250Product Flyer - pdf2020-01-24481.1 KB
AOI AVI Rocket SeriesProduct Flyer - pdf2020-01-24472.65 KB
AVI Smart MS G 500Product Flyer - pdf2020-01-24412.94 KB
AVI Tiger MD G 800Product Flyer - pdf2020-01-24470.09 KB
ET GUDAAI-GUQAAI-GUDAA-GUQAA Universal TesterProduct Flyer - pdf2020-03-25569.64 KB
ET GUDMM-GUQMM-GUDMB-GUQMB Universal TesterProduct Flyer - pdf2020-12-01492.63 KB
Kaima GUECAAII Universal Camera OD 3.75 inch Auto FlyerProduct Flyer - pdf2020-02-24388.63 KB
Kaima GFWA Dedicated One Touch 4 wire Auto FlyerProduct Flyer - pdf2020-02-24395.81 KB
The Gerber File Format version 2 (X2) FAQFAQ - pdf2020-11-05471.32 KB
GC Prevue v22.3 supports GerberX2 formatPress Release - pdf2020-11-05384.49 KB
The Gerber File Format SpecificationTechnical Note - pdf2020-11-05n/a
Ucamco FaultstationProduct Flyer - pdf2020-01-2259.23 KB
Ucamco SmartTestProduct Flyer - pdf2020-01-22478.99 KB



Mr. Syvret joined Gardien Services Canada as Financial Controller in 2001 and assumed the role of Finance Director North America in 2007. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Syvret has held senior finance and accounting roles, including with Canadian Pacific Ltd and Sprint Inc.



Mr. Niraj Patel joined the company on a part time basis in 1993 while attending college full time. He worked in various positions until he graduated from the Centennial College Computer Systems Technology program, whereupon he was hired full time. He progressed through several testing and CAM department positions and was appointed North American CAM Manager in 1998. After 18 years with the company, Mr. Patel was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations, Gardien Services Canada Inc. in 2011. In January, 2015 Mr. Patel became Vice President NA of the newly combined organizational unit North America which includes the Canada and USA.



Mr. Todd Kolmodin, a native to the Pacific Northwest was born in Seattle Washington. At a young age he moved to the Portland Oregon area. In March of 1986 he graduated from ITT Technical Institute with a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. Todd began his tenure in the Electrical Test field that same year.  Todd spent eight years working in an independent testing facility in Wilsonville Oregon where he built skills in all aspects of Electrical Test and Quality Assurance. 

Todd then spent a short term with Yamamoto Corporation on their Engineering staff covering PCB drill, finishing and Electrical Test before joining Probe Test Fixtures in 1995. His charge was CAM and Fixuring Manager.  Todd joined the Gardien Group in September 1998 continuing the same roll and taking on the responsibilities of Quality Manager for Oregon operations. In 2008 Mr. Kolmodin was promoted to Vice President Quality USA. In this position Mr. Kolmodin oversees and maintains the Gardien ITAR registration, ISO Multi-Site registration and multiple site Lab Suitability with the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime. Now also maintaining the Gardien QMS system Todd now serves as Vice President Quality North America.

Mr. Kolmodin is also a published columnist and Technical Presenter with multiple appearances at the IPC Apex Expo Conferences in both San Diego and Las Vegas. 



Mr. Valentini was appointed COO in July 2010 after successfully serving as head of North American operations since 2005.

Roland has over ten years’ experience in the PCB industry, including sales, service, and project management at Atotech GmbH, Germany mainly relating to PCB plating equipment.
He has significant sales experience from his tenure at Mack Rides GmbH and headed up worldwide installations for Lurgi Bischoff GmbH.

Mr. Valentini received a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mannheim, Germany.



Prior to Richard joining Gardien in September 2014, he was Chairman/CEO of tool chain vendor Atego Group Systems Limited which was sold to PTC Inc.

Prior to joining Atego, Richard held a number of Executive and Non-Executive roles including Senior Independent Non-Executive Director of Plethora Solutions, an AIM listed Pharmaceutical Company and CEO of AIM listed Cybit Holdings plc. where he grew the company from inception to revenues of over 25 million and took the company through multiple acquisitions before managing a sale of the business to Francisco Partners.

Richard previously held a number of senior roles in the Software industry.



Mr. Meraw was appointed Group Vice President of Quality in Jan 2015 after successfully  serving as Senior Vice President of USA operations since 2011.  Prior to being responsible for USA operations Mr Meraw was responsible for Canadian operations since 2001.

Rick has over twenty years’ experience with Gardien Group and has various roles including, service technician, customer liaison, Quality manager, technical support, project management, and software design/ implementation.

In June 1992 he graduated with an Electronic Engineering Technologist degree, with honors from a local community college.

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+1 (503) 430 8980

Gardien Canada Hub Office

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Toronto, Canada

79 Milliken Blvd. Unit 4 Toronto, Ontario Canada M1V1V3

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Our People


Group Headquarters

Gardien (SEA) Pte Ltd 105 Cecil Street. #16-01, The Octagon (Suite 1613) Singapore, 069534

+65 6225 2238



Bevor Richard im September 2014 zu Gardien kam, war er Vorstands Vorsitzender der  Atego Gruppe Systems Limited welche an  PTC Inc. verkauft wurde

Vor seinem Eintritt bei Atego, hatte Richard eine anzahl von Vorstandspositionen und Non-Executive Positionen, einschließlich Senior Independent Non-Executive Director von Plethora Solutions. Als Geschäftsführer von Pharmaceutical Company das von AIM gelistet Cybit Holdings plc . Das Unternehmen wuchs von Anfang auf einen Umsatz von über 25 Mio. Er führte das Unternehmen durch mehrere Übernahmen , bevor das Unternehmens an Francisco Partners verkauft wurde.

zuvor hatte Richard einige Führungspositionen in der Software-Industrie.



Herr Valentini wurde zum COO im Juli 2010 ernannt, nach dem seit 2005 erfolgreich als Leiter des Nordamerika-Geschäftesbereiches tätig war.

Roland hat über zehn Jahre Erfahrung in der Leiterplattenindustrie, einschließlich Vertrieb, Service und Projektmanagement bei Atotech GmbH, Deutschland vor allem im Zusammenhang mitLeiterplatten GalvanikAusrüstung.

Er hat signifikante Verkaufserfahrung von seiner Tätigkeit bei Mack Rides GmbH und leitete weltweit Anlagen für die Lurgi Bischoff GmbH.

Herr Valentini erhielt einen Master-Abschluss in Maschinenbau von der Universität Mannheim, Deutschland.